Jawaz Safer [passport]

“They did not recognize me in the shadows
That suck away my color in this passport..”

a message, a shout, Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darweish said, Marcel khalife sang, and 6-million Palestinian refugees witness everyday..


Moh’d Yousef

  • Mohammad, the son of Yousef, the first
  • A fanboy of one state solution in Palestine, a groupy of Freedom of speech and expression & a Leftist-Islamic governance super cheerleader
  • Periodically  convince some people to include my destructive Ideas into their publishes, succeeded already with Newsweek-Arabic, Al-Akhbar [Leb], Al-Hadath [Jor], PoliticalTheatrics.net
  • Telecommunication propagandist. recently Joined Ardroid.com in order to help Google’s plan of world domination
  • Indy Arabic Music & Movies dealer, i accept reasonable commentary as a price

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