Free Abdulemam

the campaign to free Bahrani journalist & blogger Ali Abdulemam

recently, Bahrain government rolled out a huge arresting campaign. accused at least 10 persons of conspiracy to change ruling system through  violence and disturbing national peace. All arrested happened to be Shi’ies, the government said. the next day, Ali Abdulemam was arrest.

Ali; a blogger, a contributer in Global Voices intiative & a journalist running National Bahrain Forum news portal.  he was not accused of planning to change  ruling system. he was arrested because of what he write and think. a key factor in ali’s case: he did not plan or participate in any conspiracy theory, he reported what happened, thats all.

no one holds ill well toward Bahrain’s people. a stable country, a good economy and a developed society is all what every human wish toward all humanity. Arresting journalists will not help in developing the political advancement in Bahrain, won’t enrich the social engagement & for sure won’t help the government knowing wither its action is approved by people or not

in solidarity with Ali Abdulemam,  hope he remains safe and free . you can follow up with his updates and the campaign updates here

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