On Going back to Amman

Going back to Jordan always has its impact on a personal level. Despite I only lived there for 4 years, I still feel that I’ve gained much from this country. As an expat living in Saudi Arabia, I did not have the chance to live the Jordanian life for so many years, with all its aspects: the good, the bad & the ugly… Very very ugly

Every time I go back, I meet more awesome people. I see the most genuine in them. My last visit was nothing but another brilliant experience. True I spent most of it in Rainbow Street. Nevertheless, it sampled why I love Jordan, even as a Jordanian coming from a Palestinian Origin.

It’s hard to find a place in the Middle East that has all the faces you look for: you can see Amman as a bright city that has all the potentials of the world. You can see it as a gloomy city that suffers to survive. In fact, it’s just landing in between. You can’t help but be in the middle, dancing with all the nonsense that makes this city a sample of a crazier middle east, a picture of how it can be if everything went OK… or not

The people, my friends who make this city what it is, I’m always glad to have the times of my life with them. This can be a personal love letter, to Jordan; the country I will keep criticizing to make it better, to Amman; the city of the cheerful Sunshine & the gloomy sunsets. And mostly to my friends

More than anything, meeting some people was the most cheering part. The part that tells you why its worth it to keep living, keep singing if you want. The facts that Jordan economy is going down the toilet, political reform is far-away more than ever, the social disturbance is increasing. Yet, People who believe in themselves, in their community, are the ones who make this country as great as it is.

People like Ali Dahmash, the human who consider his community service no a duty he can not ignore or drop. Ali gave me the honor to meet two wonderful men from Manchester: Sufian & Yousef. One of the nights I’ll never forget [and will try to write about it soon]. How amazing what a person can learn from 1 night. Ali’s work as an independent volunteer [check his social-support blog Under My Olive Tree] is far more important than many NGOs that steels money from EU & other funds.

People Like Dena, my amazing friend who came all the way helping me, even guiding. I don’t think I can pay her back for many times she helped. Like Bana, the amazing Radio host which has one of the strongest, yet most respectful, personalities. People Like Mahmoud, Allouh & Ata, and the perfect company for a post-movie discussion…

Another thing about Jordan: If you’re good at something, you can just be it. Like Ehab, the mechanical Engineer who did not give a damn about his study and followed his heart to photography [which he is amazing at]. Every Single person has an amazing story; the potential within these souls is so unbelievable

Jordanians are open to various cultures, like my friend Samar Dahmash, a Jordanian from Palestinian Heritage who teaches in an American University & was coming back from a trip to Turkey. Samar gifted me her book, an amazing writing from various Arabs to Americans.  “Arab Voices Speak” is a really good resource to know the image of the United States between various Arabian backgrounds. I’m trying to finish its reading ASAP because it is really worth it. Samar is Ali’s sister, thats enough to tell you its not just great persons are around in Jordan, but great families as well.

I’m really glad to go to Amman. & again: despite everything, there is a good core in there. There is also an Angel who changed my life and hopefully forever. As I count my faults, my frustrations & my downsides, I count my blessings as well. I never been more blessed & All I can do is to thank Allah and hope for this to continue: Jordan to be safe, honored & leading the raise of proud people in Arab world & Muslim communities; Jordanian people to keep developing, creating, fascinating & spreading the good well; Me to appreciate the good people I know as they deserve & in the way they worth it..


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  1. 2ash3ar badani… ❤

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