Living Smart -2: the verdict

in a previous post, described my attempt to live based on a smartphone only for couple of days. no laptops, no PCs. only a mobile device

I’ve been in a travel to Jordan for the last 6 days. using my android-based-Milestone & internet connection from Zain Jordan [GPRS connection, BAD!]. However, the experience was pretty interesting. i can say i did not feel the need to use a laptop most of the times. below some cons & some pros. a summary to follow


smaller size during traveling: i did not to carry a laptop, to care about power source for it wherever i go. watch out for it during placing so it won’t crack into something. even during checking in at airports, the ease in movement/caring/handling is a very critical issue that i enjoyed
Efficieny: i used my mobile, my android-based, to tweet, reply on facebook, send emails, reply to emails, read news, watch pictures/videos, chat on msn/gtalk.. all that i do through my laptop. adding to that all mobile usage: placing calls, smsing people, location-based services. the reasonable storage size [8GB] allowed me to backup my camera. it was the only time i needed laptop
productivity: instead of writing different things on different places, i used on device to do it all. this reduced the time needed to achive many tasks. the integrated-google-search is AWESOME and saved me many times. everything i needed for my personal-daily-tasks was between my hands


incompatibility: I still need a PC to move stuff to/from my smartphone. while some devices developed enough to share through wi-fi/bluetooth, the whole IT industry did not evolve enough to adopt this method of inter-communication between devices. however, i believe the development of technology, the adoption of more open platforms will ease such integration
Adoption: typing on a digital/physical keyboard on the smartphone was hard. specially if there is an extending reply. i’m using My laptop to type this post. not that its impossible, but the relaxation during typing is much better on laptop. a soultion can be a vertual keyboard which emulates the laptop keyboard and connected to the smartphone
Not-work-friendly: i use various softwares for work, high processing and vast amount of storage is needed. while i can finalize my personal work on a smartphone, the work needs still out of the league. also the relativly small sized screen is an addition to need a laptop or a project of some kind


while i missed my laptop  [my dead laptop], i had a blast using my android-based mobile. i have to note that battery times was amazing considering the heavy usage of the phone. i believe with time, in 3 years maybe, the advancement of battery manufacturing, of input methods, of storage & of processing can take the smartphones into a higher level. where you can ditch your laptop, your iPad & your notebook to a simple 4.3inch device that has it all


2 responses to “Living Smart -2: the verdict

  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  2. That’s interesting.. I’m using the iPhone when I can’t carry my laptop, I can check websites and send emails no problem, just I can’t really tweet… I got the sense you don’t really love Apple, from your comments I have the impression that Motorola would have been easier for me 😛

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