Living smart: experiencing the smartphone-based life

Development in Smartphones field is phonominal. starting from simple/old styled phones and reaching high-tech end devices. how advanced these mobiles became. more important: how dependable these devices can be.

My personal laptop crashed last week, Motherboard burned and heatsink failed. so with no time to buy a new laptop and with professional limitations on my work laptop, the decision to use mobile phone primary has been taken. As I’m traveling today to Jordan for couple of days, the decision has been made to use only my mobile as much as possible

few notes before closing my laptop until next week:
– I KNOW Mobiles has limitations, not saying that i can totally dump my laptop. this experiment is about how close i will do it
– this is not a scientific study. its more of customer behavior case. how long i can hold on and wither the mobile device can be as efficient as a laptop.
– i will try to maintain my internet usage behavior as it is. consists mainly of social portals [twitter,facebook], news browsing [arabic and english] & research if needed

I’m using the following conditions to conduct the experiment
– Smartphone: Motorola Milestone. my personal mobile which kicks ass with its android 2.1 system. this experiment is a main test to the device, to android mainly. to see how its apps are developed
– Internet connection: Zain jordan provides a good GPRS service. despite that Orange connection has 3G, i need to have constant speed to keep a behavoir
– Power charger
– MP3 player to reduce my usage of my mobile for music

First report done, see you soon!

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