Obama: The Candidate, Not The President

An Article published on http://www.politicalTheatrics.net

Just days before the 2008 elections, Jack Cafferty dedicated his CNN spot to show his answer for one simple, yet shocking, question: is Sarah Palin qualified to be a president? The question that hugely influenced many Americans choice in that election was simple, yet probably asked for the first time in American history: are those candidates qualified to run the nation?

Huge portion of the argument was not in favor of the Republican Party. McCain, the 72 years old former soldier, was running against Obama, the 48 year old senator. The nation-wide debate changed pretty fast to the qualification of the whole presidential team: A blonde-old team vs. young-unexperienced one. Putting the argument nowadays and considering the results, how could Obama not to be the president.

Yet, Americans expected more from the leader of the nation. Bush, who demolished the human rights of the American citizen, was actually fully assuming his position after 9/11 attacks. “The nation needs a leader, even if he was stupid” was an argument lead to awarding bush a second term. Nevertheless, the composition of evangelical government which took no prisoners (sometimes latterly) was providing the people with the sense of security they missed.

Obama, who just finished a year of his term, let many people down. Especially those who are not democrats, the promises of Obama were huge. Shamefully, Obama administration is working as if the blonde-old team is in charge. The number of soldiers is increasing outside the United States. The health reform is going in the very wrong way.

Fareed Zakaria referred last week that Obama “is acting more like a prime minister and less as a president”. In the times where a nation needs a leader, Obama forgot all his personal skills and instead he went for more detailed discussions (which are daily affected by lobbying). While Bush was a leader, Obama needed a tape from Bin laden to refresh the public memory of his assumption of the presidency

Obama’s plans to turn his promises into reality might be just. The issue is: you can not take a time of from being a president. While people voted to chose bush due to his leadership spirit (and yes, also the lack of democrats brains), people voted for Obama for things he promised to do. Everybody understands the changes of plans always. Still, number of American deaths in Iraq decreased; the Iraqi government is taking control in more areas & mostly we’ll see a new Iraqi government within the first half of this year. Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the doctrine of Bush never changed. Moreover, Vice President Biden is pushing for more strikes on Pakistan (one meeting with Obama he clearly criticized spending more money of Afghanistan and less on Pakistan)

Why Obama is not keeping his promises? Lobbying in Washington might be a major factor. But who cares? Obama was elected for the hope message he carried for more than a year, a hope of change and improvement in the position of the United States of America in the world and the internal situation. A status it seems so far up until now.
On Fox’s “Boston Legal”, the democratic lawyer Alan shore debates for a whole series with his best friend Denny Crane, a republican, regarding who to elect. In the end of the episode, the Denny votes for Obama, not because he is the right choice but because he knew the wrong one. This is a view of point Obama & the democrats should never forget. Otherwise, other Blue states will follow Massachusetts. If things remained going the same way, we’ll be praying for some miracle. Hence 2012 is near, mostly we, the whole world, would be left with ..Palin!

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